One day you wake up and you don’t recognize anyone, it doesn’t matter because it’s a dream and in a few minutes you will wake up. But not. Everyone tries to convince you that in reality your family and the places that you remember are indeed your dream, and all the strangers around you are your family.

With 11 years old this happened to Kitza, Across her adolescence she receives all kinds of diagnoses, memory loss? personality disorder?

When she have 22 years old she decides to start from 0, she has already lived more years in this reality than in her own. but that life only lasted 5 years, until her real life found her. Kitza is selected as a volunteer from the REM project where she finally finds what she was looking for, but what she discovers is darker than she could have imagined.

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Art Director: Melani Massin
Ilustrator & script advisor: Yaron Topp